COVID-19 has certainly impacted the Infrastructure market significantly in a very short space of time. Many organisations have been unsuccessful in adapting to the new way of working and have been struggling to onboard new employees remotely. On the other hand, we see organisations that can adapt to the current situation, interviewing, hiring and onboarding new people on a broad scale.

Generally speaking, in the IT Infrastructure market, technologies such as Linux Systems, VMware, and Cloud (AWS & Azure) are the ones that are highly sought after at the moment. In terms of Network and Security Engineers, TCP/IP protocols, Firewalls, Routing, Switching, and VPN are the skills that are most in demand.

No dramatic changes in salaries have been observed within the IT Infrastructure market. Many candidates have been hesitant to make the move now, even if they were actively seeking a career change before the Covid-19 pandemic. Candidates that are open to new opportunities usually enquire about the stability of the company, the onboarding process, the industry the company operates in and the duration the company has been operating in the market.

The companies that have decided to continue their hiring process are the ones that haven’t been greatly affected by COVID-19, These are IT Infrastructure providers and companies operating in the Financial Market.

Besides the experience that the companies require, hiring companies have also started looking into the reason why the candidate wants to make a career change and how often the candidate has changed jobs in recent years. At this point, companies are now more interested in candidates that have displayed some stability in their career.


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