Companies in Cyprus continue to hire Java Developers (all seniority levels) and furthermore, the number of IT vacancies has constantly increased due to COVID-19. Companies now arrange video interviews with candidates and have continued their hiring process using various ways of communication to ensure the onboarding process runs sufficiently.

Within the Cypriot market, there has been a strong demand for Java Developers. However, .Net Developers are more popular. Java is a coding language which is more popular in most Cypriot universities as it is taught from the first years of study.

There has been a high demand for junior and middle-level professionals in the Java sector. Most companies are searching for IT professionals with strong knowledge in Spring Boot, Hibernates, Kubernetes, Docker and SQL/MySQL database. For these roles, companies are looking for developers with strong soft skills and a good educational background.

Over the last 6 months, salaries have remained steady with no noticeable increase from junior to senior roles. Fintech / Forex, Information Technology and Gaming companies have become selective with the candidates and are more generous with the benefits they offer. These type companies have a high degree of financial security and products/services that haven’t been affected by the pandemic.

Hiring companies are looking for a combination of hard and soft skills and are primarily focused on personality attributes when considering junior developers. Alternatively, companies that offer flexible working hours, remote working opportunities, financial security, projects with the latest technologies and career progression are of top priority for senior job seekers.


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