JavaScript is a high growth area of software development. The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in some slowing in the volume of roles, however, these skills remain in high demand and there are no significant changes in the JavaScript market which has resulted in the stability of salaries across all seniority levels.

We have seen a strong demand over the last 6 months for Frontend Developers and UI/UX Developers with versatile skillsets consisting of JavaScript with experience in frameworks like Node.js, Vue.js, React and Angular 2+. Due to the high demand for this skill set, we have seen an increase in salaries and we estimate that will continue for 2021. Also, many companies are focusing on recruiting more high-spirited and exuberant candidates.

The organisations hiring during this global pandemic are industries that are less affected by the outbreak and the ones that have a high degree of financial security like Forex, Online Entertainment and Cyber Security. Most of these companies are in search of candidates with leadership skills, mentoring and strong communication skills.

Candidates in the JavaScript & Frontend space appear more attracted to reputable companies with latest technologies (JavaScript Frameworks), opportunities with clear paths for career progression, strong salary bands and the scope to develop new technical skills.

Benefits and perks seem to be in high demand for most IT roles. JavaScript Developers are drawn towards companies who can offer job security, performance bonuses, flexi-time, private healthcare and pension.


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