The majority of IT companies in Cyprus continue to hire and search for .Net Developers. Furthermore, IT vacancies have increased due to COVID-19 which has resulted in a positive impact on the IT sector. Companies are more comfortable now remotely onboarding new hires compared to that of Q2 in 2020.

Over the last 6 months, there has been a high demand for .Net Developers in the Cypriot market with a large number of companies who function on this coding language. Within the .Net market, the most common requirements involve .Net Core, SQL/MySQL database, Azure Technology and Microservices. A strong demand has been generated for experienced middle and senior-level professionals, with companies seeking developers with strong technical and team-leading skills.

Fintech / Forex, Information Technology and Gaming companies continue to hire and have a significant number of opportunities in the .NET domain. These companies have a high degree of financial security and haven’t been impacted by the occurrence of the pandemic in 2020. This has resulted in the stability of salaries across the .NET sector and has caused companies to be more generous with the compensations they offer candidates.

Candidates who fit the criteria often display a strong combination of hard and soft skills with most hiring companies considering job seekers who obtain recognisable personality attributes such as leadership, self-motivation and teamwork.

We have seen companies starting to focus on benefits related to Flexibility (remote work and flexible working hours). Additionally, some companies are offering an annual bonus (performance-based), provident fund and medical insurance depending on the role and seniority of the candidate.


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