What did you do before you got into recruitment?

All of my professional experience to date is in recruitment. After completing my studies, I came across an internship opportunity in Rome, as a Recruitment Assistant within an Interim Recruitment Company. This gave me my start in the industry.

When that internship ended, I focused on gaining professional experience in the sector. It worked out that I moved to Malta. Before joining Archer IT Recruitment, I spent 3 years as a Generalist Recruiter. But ultimately, Archer’s IT industry focus, its internal structure, professional environment, career growth and continuous training & development were more in line with my own personal career goals.

Why did you get into recruitment?

I always wanted something more than a job, I wanted a real opportunity to craft a career. I was interested in finding business, developing B2B skills and becoming a professional that could make an impact in the market. Recruitment is about being proactive and making decisions so it gave me the opportunity to do that.

Also, I was looking for making money of course – I mean I wouldn’t have been happy to only get a basic salary with no great prospects of financial growth. I knew Recruitment was a commission-based job and a growing market in Europe.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

What I most enjoy about recruitment is the B2B aspect – getting in touch with client companies, established and potential, understanding their needs and finding a productive way to partner up. On the candidate side, I enjoy speaking to professionals that I can learn from. I enjoy the challenge of advising people on their career progression path and getting the best deal for them. I especially enjoy Archer’s approach to recruitment, since we specialise in the IT market, the most innovative and demanding market in the world right now. The people in this market, both clients and candidates, are skilled professionals. So I feel like I’m part of a great business.

What tips would you give for someone considering a career in agency recruitment?

I would say that first of all you need to be keen to challenge yourself and be open to improvements. You need to be able to learn from the feedback you get from your clients, your candidates and your colleagues. You are self-motivated and you don’t give up. You love communicating effectively with people and you enjoy building your own desk –your own small business within a larger support structure. Last but not least, is that you don’t give up on hitting your targets, both professional and financial.


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