What did you do before you got into recruitment?

Before recruitment, I was in the Retail industry, more specifically in electronics. The company was one of the largest shopping centres in Greece providing mobiles, laptops, computers, TVs etc. It was a fast-paced and demanding environment where I learned that to be successful in sales, you need to listen carefully and ask the right questions. This is where I was first introduced to targets and KPIs and I realised how excited I felt every time I hit them!

Why did you get into recruitment?

When I moved to Malta I was definitely looking for a challenging and demanding job. I wanted something similar to what I was doing before the move. I spoke with a recruiter to help me secure a sales position, but I actually ended up questioning her about her role. Recruitment is not very popular in Greece so I didn’t really know what it is about. That’s when I said to this recruiter “Thanks very much for all the jobs you suggested, but I would rather do your job!” I started applying for junior recruitment roles. When I spoke to Archer, I felt it was the place for me. The idea of doing Business Development, Account Management and Recruitment instead of just B2C sales was more like the career path that I wanted to follow.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

I love the diversity; all the calls and meetings with people at any level of seniority in the business world. It’s great to consult with the CTO of a company about how he could improve in order to attract the best talent, and then the next minute to talk to a junior candidate, just graduated, on how to proceed with his career.

I love the trust and space for initiative that we have here at Archer. I feel like an entrepreneur, building my own business, making decisions, being fully supported and given all the right tools and advice in order to be successful.

And of course, I love the fact that I can control my finances and achieve any financial target I set. There is no limit on how much you can make per month. It’s totally up to you!

What tips would you give for someone considering a career in agency recruitment?

If you have a sales background and a people-oriented mentality, this might be just the thing to change your life! It’s a career, not simply a job. We impact people’s lives and the future of organisations. It’s a very challenging role with ups and downs, so you have to be strong and persistent.


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